FCMS – the SNMP based network monitoring software suite

FCMS saves time, cuts costs and frees up IT resources with network monitoring and management. Designed with ease of use, flexibility and simplicity in mind. Install, configure and forget!

Current version: 2014.9 (Oct 26th, 2014)

What is FCMS?

FCMS is a suite of 6 applications. The letters FCMS stand for:  FineConnection Monitoring Software. The core applications are Quantellium the web-based monitoring daemon, and the real-time GUI-based desktop applications FC_RTGraph, FC_RTPie, FC_RTTable, FC_RTMeter and FC_RTSet to support trouble-shooting and performance analysis. The configuration files for all core applications can be built with the GUI-based desktop application CCBuilder which also provides MIB browser and MIB compiler functionality.

Beautiful network topology maps – focussing on network visibility!

Reliable and efficient network uptime- and performance monitoring, requires an accurate and detailed view of the network topology. Which device is where, what devices are interconnected and what is their actual status?

The Quantellium logo
The Quantellium logo

Quantellium (the FCMS web-based monitoring service) makes it very easy to work with network topology maps by providing simple drawing tools and a central repository providing default classes, data collectors (sensors) and MIB information for the most frequently used types of devices. FCMS uses (visible and dynamically updating) indicators on the maps to indicate  status and events per device.

Special “MapLink” objects make it possible to browse through the layered topology maps. Zooming in from Country to city, from city to building and from building to floor (and vise-versa).

Error control – reducing “false positive” alerts to the bare minimum!

Quantellium provides “Error control” (EC). This  powerful feature provides reliable alerting of incidents, supports multi-homing and redundant network paths!

Without EC (left image), 3 alerts are generated. 3 eMails or SMS messages are sent from which 66% is a “false positive”! With EC enabled (right image), only 1 eMail or SMS message is sent! No false positives anymore…

CUC – Network performance at a glance!

Connection Utilization Coding (CUC), provides a continuous overview of the performance of the network and connected equipment.  It shows connection utilization on the network topology maps, by adjusting line-width and color coding, in real-time, 24×7!

Out of the box Connection Utilization coding through color and line-width!

Build-in Trap and Syslog server with filtering options

Quantellium enables you to receive, parse, manage, and view real-time trap and syslog messages by providing a build-in trap- and syslog server. To limit the amount of messages and to only receive the most important ones, you can create filters based on message type and source. Messages can be followed up by script actions to take appropriate action or to warn staff. To provide visible feedback, the devices on the maps from which trap- and/or syslog messages are received, are dynamically updated and get an event notification next to their icon.

OS and SNMP version support

All FCMS applications run  on all Windows versions (Server and Desktop) from Windows XP onwards. All FCMS components support SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3.



Price & Support

Affordable price (US$1399)! No hidden costs or limitations on the number of devices that you can monitor! Maintenance updates and bug fixes within the main version are free to download and install. The use of the FineConnection repository is also included in the price. More info here..


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