FCMS – SNMP based Network Monitoring software

FCMS saves time, cuts costs and frees up IT resources with network performance monitoring and management. Designed with ease of use, flexibility and simplicity in mind. Install, configure and forget!

Key benefits include:
  • Efficient 24×7 network health- and performance monitoring to maximize stability and productivity of your infrastructure.
  • Beautifully designed interactive graphical maps for a clear picture and better understanding of your network and its problem spots.
  • Intelligent program logic which helps to keep the false positive alert rate to a bare minimum.
  • Automatic connection-utilization color coding.
  • SNMP version 1,2 and 3 support.
  • A central repository providing classes, data collectors and MIB information for the most frequently used types of devices.
  • A web-based monitoring engine that runs as a service (24×7) and a collection of interactive GUI based applications for trouble shooting and real-time performance monitoring.
  • A MIB compiler and browser.
  • Affordable price! No additional costs, no limitations! Free updates within the main software version.

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