This is awkward. You’re looking for a page that doesn’t actually exist.


Please, let me clarify something.
Since 2001, this site was used as the home for “Monitor one” (M1), an SNMP based network monitoring solution. If you’re specifically looking for M1 then please read: Monitor one is EOL. M1 was a nice piece of software with lots of new, fresh ideas and a new approach. M1 did a good job for years but after a while it became clear to me that times were changing! Applications were migrating from GUI based to Web based and there was a stronger focus on usability and elegance. M1 was never designed to migrate this way!
That’s why I decided to build a new system from the ground up that incorporated all the good things of M1, supplemented with a modern design and a different focus. This site, which is currently still “a work in progress”, is now the home for my new flagship product “FCMS”. I’m proud to invite you to look around, learn something about FCMS and  give it a try.
Paul van Bergen,


Network uptime- and performance monitoring software from FineConnection